Supplements About the Sony A7S and A7II Are Now Available

Picture Profiles … S-Log 2 … Timecode … What does it all mean?

The newer Sony A7S and A7II are using terms that many of us “regular” photographers know nothing about.  At least I didn’t until I read Gary Friedman’s just released supplement to the A7S.  The bulk of this supplement is all about the video features that most non-videographers aren’t very familiar with.

Each supplement is a little over 70 pages, covering just what’s new and different from the original A7/A7R.  They’re available as downloadable ebooks from Gary’s website Here:

The cost is a very reasonable $6.95 each, but it’s information that would be very difficult (if not impossible) to find anywhere else.


Friedman Archives Posts New Video about Recent E-Book Releases

Gary Friedman at The Friedman Archives has just released two new videos about the newest E-Books.  One is about the Sony A99 and the other is for the Sony Nex-6 (and 5R).

What … you don’t have either the A99 or Nex-6/5R … No problem, because there are many other books available there about virtually all of Sony’s Alpha and Nex cameras.  You’ll even find some about older Minolta and Canon cameras.

Don’t have any of these cameras?  Still no problem since there many general photography tutorials and lots of beautiful images.  So what are you waiting for … go check it out! 🙂