Stormy Times

Got some new or newly updated photo software? Take another look at some of your old images – you might be surprised at the new possibilities and capabilities. As photo software evolves, the options for photographers to enhance their images in new and interesting ways also improve.

I was going through my images and came across this image of a huge approaching thunderstorm hovering just above and behind my home in Colorado. I had, of course, already done the basic editing by adjusting exposure, color, and contrast but felt it needed something more to really bring out the drama of the scene.

I decided to run it through Nik’s HDR Efex Pro even though I only had the single exposure. HDR Efex did a wonderful job of dramatically increasing the texture in the clouds to reveal the turmoil that was taking place a few thousand feet above us.

So, every once in a while it’s worth our time to take another look at our images and consider how some new bit of software might enable us to improve on what’s already been done.