Two Years and STILL a Best Seller … the Sony Nex-6

It’s hard to believe that the Sony Nex-6 has been out for almost two years and it’s still at the top of the Compact System Best Sellers on Amazon!  And what’s more, it’s still at number ten when looking at All digital cameras.

When I wrote the book about the Nex-6 (sorry, shameless self-plug), I knew it was (is) an excellent camera.  But in the last two years, there have been some terrifically competitive cameras released by Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung, Fuji, and even Sony.  The Fuji X-E1 with kit lens can be found for around $600 these days.  Yet, the little Nex-6 continues to thrive.  The Sony A6000 bumped the pixel count up to 24MP and improved the autofocus, yet the Nex-6 is still selling better.  I wonder why?

Plus, when you look at the top ten of all digital cameras, you see that Sony has three of those, with the other seven spots filled by Nikon, Kodak (Kodak ?!?!), Canon, and Olympus.  Amazing!

Do you think the “Mirrorless Revolution” is finally catching on?

For you Nex-6 shooters, to what do you attribute the amazing success of that wonderful little camera?

And for those of you who may be new to the Sony Nex-6, if you’re having any questions about various features and how they all come together in a logical way, help is available at The Friedman Archives.  Gary Friedman and I co-authored a comprehensive book all about the Nex-6/5R/5T.  We’ve had great reviews and even offer a money back guarantee if you don’t learn at least one thing.  🙂


Sony Nex-6 (5R and 5T) Setup

The Nex-6 is still selling amazingly well on Amazon, so there must be a lot of new users out there.  If you are and you’re struggling with setting up your brand new Nex-6, then maybe I can help.  A little over a year ago, in collaboration with Gary Friedman at the Friedman Archives, we published a comprehensive e-book about the Sony Nex-6/5R/5T.  Below, you’ll find a short section from the book with a table that will hopefully clarify the available options for you.
The Nex-5R and Nex-6 boast the ability to reassign (“customize”) a couple of the buttons to help cater the camera to your specific needs. Here’s where new owners get into a tizzy since there are so many options it makes the camera harder to get to know than it should be. I’ve been playing around with different settings over the past few months, and I’ve arrived at what I consider an optimal configuration – and for me, “optimal” means “My most-accessed features are only one or two button-presses away, and that for most field shooting situations, I’ll never have to access the menus ever again!
I’ve outlined those settings in the table below. The table shows all of the settings that are available for each button, the camera default settings from the factory, and the settings I’ve used for my camera.  Of course, most of you will develop your own personal settings, but this might be a good place to start.

** On the NEX-6, if the LCD screen is on the “For Viewfinder” screen, then pressing the Fn Button gives you immediate access to 16 different camera functions, which you can then change their settings. Sony calls this the “Quick Navi” screen. You can’t change which functions appear there, but it is such a complete list there’s really no need. (More on this on page 150 in my book).

# These functions are also already available with other keys on the camera’s Control Wheel.

If this helped and you’d like to see more, just head over to where you’ll find the e-book available at a reasonable price.  And even more reasonably, it comes with a money back guarantee.