Losing Sleep Over Daylight Savings

Saving Time ?

Tap – tap … tap – tap … Our little maltese, Sophie, is tapping on my shoulder telling me it’s time to get up.  Noooooo … it can’t be, it’s only 5:15 am.  It’s just that by her internal reckoning, it is (what used to be) 6:15 am and we’re late.  🙂

I really don’t like daylight savings time.  Switching our clocks twice a year seems senseless to me … Spring Forward … Fall Back … no thanks.  I’d rather just pick one time and stick with it.  (May have to move to Arizona.)

Our little dogs, of course, have no concept of time and could care less what the clock says. However, what they do seem to have is an innate sense of when certain things are supposed to happen each day.  For instance, they’re normally bugging me a few minutes before the time I normally feed them.  So even though they can’t tell time and have no sense of it, Daylight Savings does affect them … or rather, it affects me.

We normally get up around 6  am, and if I happen to sleep in a little bit, Sophie (the little one) will be bugging me to wake up, get up, and take them outside.  This year, since daylight savings ended, she’s been waking me an hour early at a little after 5am every day.  Just a week ago, 5 am was 6 am and she doesn’t care what the clock says … she knows which part of the day it is regardless of what numbers the clock hands point to, and she lets me know it.  I guess I just need to go to bed an hour earlier so I can get a full nights sleep, or maybe just a longer afternoon nap … yeah, that’s it.  :-}

Pitter, Patter, Pitter, Patter, Pitter, Patter …… Plop!

I sometimes hear a strange sound as I’m working in my home office: pitter, patter, pitter, patter, pitter, patter … plop.  I stop typing on my computer and look down from the desk to see our little Maltese, Bella, standing there over her favorite toy.  It’s a simple, small piece of red rope from our sailboat with a big knot tied in the middle.  She has an expectant look on her face – a “come play with me” look.
She is all of six-pounds of white, furry, fluff and has more energy than the famous Energizer Bunny.  All tensed up and ready to pounce at the slightest hint that I might be reaching for the toy, she grabs it immediately when I start to bend down to pick it up.  Then, the fun begins.  We’ll play tug-of-war for a few seconds until I either get it away from her or I just let her have it.  If I get the toy, I throw it and the game continues.  If I turn loose, she quickly brings it back to my hand to try and entice me into grabbing and tugging, again.
Sometimes, she’ll stop just a couple of feet from me and, after a few seconds, slowly lower the toy to the floor and drop it, while keeping her mouth just a fraction of an inch away, ready to grab it back if I make my move.  If I slowly inch my hands towards her and then, suddenly, reach for the toy she’ll, sometimes, get so excited that she’ll mistakenly bite my hand instead of the toy, but only for a second until she realizes the toy is getting away.  What fun!  She makes us laugh and smile every day.  🙂
Make sure you take time to laugh and play!

The Hacker

Looks can be so deceiving – just look at her. She looks like the sweetest, most innocent dog on the planet. Well, she sure had me fooled, too.

I’ve been suspecting that someone has been using my computer but couldn’t imagine who it could be – we haven’t had company in over a week. Then, today I walked into my office and caught the culprit, red-handed – my dog, Bella! I was just in time, too. She was about to place a HUGE order with the online pet store: dog treats, dog toys, new bedding, a cat (someone to torment, I suppose), and misc. other “goodies”!

Man, if you can’t trust your dog, who can you trust? 🙂