Light, shadow, perspective … ever changing


This game room is in our apartment complex office, and in the afternoons has an ever changing pattern of light coming through the west windows.  That, coupled with the simple chess board on a small table, and perfect art on the wall, always gives me a chance for a new perspective on a familiar subject.

Taken with the Olympus E-M1 and the 12-50mm kit lens. This lens is incredibly cheap right now ($150 USD … normally $500), and is a great buy. It’s got a fairly slow aperture at 3.5-6.3, but a nice range of 24-100 (FF equiv.), and a very good close-up ability.  At that price you can hardly go wrong with this little jewel, especially if on a budget.


Have Some Fun with Photo Story on the E-M1

Photo Story Fun Frames

Despite what you might read on the internet, it IS possible to have fun with a “Pro” level camera like the Olympus E-M1.  Even though it’s loaded with pro features like serious wireless flash, extreme customizability of the various buttons and dials, and terrific image quality, it also has some great functions and modes for just having a little fun and being a bit creative when you get the urge.  🙂 

Photo Story Standard

One of those “fun” features is the Photo Story Mode found on the Mode Dial.  Once selected, you can choose between literally dozens of combinations of effects to include different layouts, numbers of images, aspect ratio, color or monochrome, borders, etc.

You’ll find three basic sections called Standard, Speed, and Fun Frames.  The top photo here was done using one of the Fun Frames settings.  Just like it sounds, the Speed section puts the camera into a continuous drive mode and would be a good one to use for catching something or someone in action … like sports or kids playing.
Note:  If you shoot a vertical (portrait) layout using Fun Frames, the little white box with the date in it does NOT rotate.  See this image on Flickr.

The camera will allow you to separately frame each part before the shot, and using the touch screen, you can even choose which frame to shoot next.

And, if you set RAW+JPG, the camera will not only capture the Photo Story, but will also keep full sized RAW files of each separate image.  If you only shoot in JPG, then the Photo Story is all you’ll end up with.

In the Speed mode, you can either take each image one at a time or just hold the shutter button down and let the camera rip off all five (or less) images.

Now … get out there and have some fun!  🙂
Photo Story Speed

Pitter, Patter, Pitter, Patter, Pitter, Patter …… Plop!

I sometimes hear a strange sound as I’m working in my home office: pitter, patter, pitter, patter, pitter, patter … plop.  I stop typing on my computer and look down from the desk to see our little Maltese, Bella, standing there over her favorite toy.  It’s a simple, small piece of red rope from our sailboat with a big knot tied in the middle.  She has an expectant look on her face – a “come play with me” look.
She is all of six-pounds of white, furry, fluff and has more energy than the famous Energizer Bunny.  All tensed up and ready to pounce at the slightest hint that I might be reaching for the toy, she grabs it immediately when I start to bend down to pick it up.  Then, the fun begins.  We’ll play tug-of-war for a few seconds until I either get it away from her or I just let her have it.  If I get the toy, I throw it and the game continues.  If I turn loose, she quickly brings it back to my hand to try and entice me into grabbing and tugging, again.
Sometimes, she’ll stop just a couple of feet from me and, after a few seconds, slowly lower the toy to the floor and drop it, while keeping her mouth just a fraction of an inch away, ready to grab it back if I make my move.  If I slowly inch my hands towards her and then, suddenly, reach for the toy she’ll, sometimes, get so excited that she’ll mistakenly bite my hand instead of the toy, but only for a second until she realizes the toy is getting away.  What fun!  She makes us laugh and smile every day.  🙂
Make sure you take time to laugh and play!