The Hacker

Looks can be so deceiving – just look at her. She looks like the sweetest, most innocent dog on the planet. Well, she sure had me fooled, too.

I’ve been suspecting that someone has been using my computer but couldn’t imagine who it could be – we haven’t had company in over a week. Then, today I walked into my office and caught the culprit, red-handed – my dog, Bella! I was just in time, too. She was about to place a HUGE order with the online pet store: dog treats, dog toys, new bedding, a cat (someone to torment, I suppose), and misc. other “goodies”!

Man, if you can’t trust your dog, who can you trust? 🙂

Old Ford F600

I found this old Ford tow truck in Sedalia, Colorado. I couldn’t tell for sure, but it looks like it may still be in service.

Taken with the Sony A77 w/Sony-Zeiss 16-80mm, In-Camera HDR.
Processed with Topaz Adjust, using the Spicify filter.