Losing Sleep Over Daylight Savings

Saving Time ?

Tap – tap … tap – tap … Our little maltese, Sophie, is tapping on my shoulder telling me it’s time to get up.  Noooooo … it can’t be, it’s only 5:15 am.  It’s just that by her internal reckoning, it is (what used to be) 6:15 am and we’re late.  🙂

I really don’t like daylight savings time.  Switching our clocks twice a year seems senseless to me … Spring Forward … Fall Back … no thanks.  I’d rather just pick one time and stick with it.  (May have to move to Arizona.)

Our little dogs, of course, have no concept of time and could care less what the clock says. However, what they do seem to have is an innate sense of when certain things are supposed to happen each day.  For instance, they’re normally bugging me a few minutes before the time I normally feed them.  So even though they can’t tell time and have no sense of it, Daylight Savings does affect them … or rather, it affects me.

We normally get up around 6  am, and if I happen to sleep in a little bit, Sophie (the little one) will be bugging me to wake up, get up, and take them outside.  This year, since daylight savings ended, she’s been waking me an hour early at a little after 5am every day.  Just a week ago, 5 am was 6 am and she doesn’t care what the clock says … she knows which part of the day it is regardless of what numbers the clock hands point to, and she lets me know it.  I guess I just need to go to bed an hour earlier so I can get a full nights sleep, or maybe just a longer afternoon nap … yeah, that’s it.  :-}

… A Long Road Home

End of the Day … and More …

In late 2017, I was driving from New Mexico to Oklahoma to visit my Dad, who at age 95 was in a nursing home, and having severe medical problems.  Shortly after I started the trip I was notified that he had passed away.  About an hour later, I was gifted this beautiful sunset which now serves as a poignant reminder of my Dad … of a life well-lived, and now free.

G.A.S. for an Automobile

V8 BiTurbo Mercedes Benz

What a beautiful car!  Normally, I prefer trucks and Jeeps when it comes to my own vehicle, but this one definitely caught my eye.  So I guess G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) can apply to things other than cameras.

A couple of days ago I took our car in for service, and while waiting to talk to the “service guy” I was parked right next to this.  It’s hard to tell from the photo but the paint is a matte finish in dark gray, and then of course there’s the yellow trim … racing stripes down the side and on the hood.  This is the Mercedes Benz V8 BiTurbo and it is a mean looking machine.  Of course it will set you back close to $100,000!  (Way beyond my budget.)  🙂

As soon as I finished getting my car checked in, I grabbed my Fuji X70 and snapped a few images concentrating mainly on the wheel detail.  That gold brake caliper is so gorgeous I would hate to ever use the brakes and get it dirty.  If you look closely, the silver part in the lower right is the disc which I was told is made of ceramic.

The beauty of this little X70 is that it fits easily into my jacket pocket, yet puts out those beautiful X-Trans images from its APS-C sensor.  Once again I’ve shown myself that the best camera is the one you have with you.  You never know when that next photo op will appear.


Like a Leaf …

No doubt, life can be chaotic at times.  Do you ever feel like a leaf in a wild whitewater river, being swept along utterly out of control?  Just remember to look for a rock to cling to, a momentary respite from the maelstrom.

But life does go on, so catch your breath, rest a moment, and prepare for the next challenge that is sure to come.  And think how boring it would be without these trials to test us.

I found this scene in a small public park in Buena Vista, Colorado.