New Ebooks – Nex-6/5R in Spanish and Sony RX100M2

The Friedman Archives Press has just released two new titles.  One is for the Sony RX100Mk2 and the other is the Spanish translation of the Sony Nex 5R and 6 ebook.  These new releases add to an already impressive list of great books about almost all of Sony’s Alpha and Nex cameras.

Each book will guide you through every feature, function, and control on your camera.  Plus you’ll find appendices with great tips on photography and recipes for special shooting situations (Fireworks, for instance).
The books are available as a package of electronic files to include full color PDF and files for a Kindle or Nook.  Of course, you can also order a printed version in either color or black and white.
Calling All Translators!  The Friedman Archives would like to expand the available translations to other languages besides English and Spanish.  If you are fluent in two languages (one of which is English) and also have a thorough understanding of photographic techniques and terms, please send an email to

Author: Mike Hendren

Photography is a way for us to express how we view the world around us. It can reveal how we see things - our perception of reality. At times, it provides a creative medium that allows us to alter that reality. Photography also provides a way to capture time and then travel back there whenever you wish. Every time you look at a photo, it can transport you back to that moment, allowing you to relive and remember …

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